The competence of ICG "Astarta-Tanit" is proven with the long list of group services consumers with more than sixty companies in it.

EBRD official accreditation of our company in 2010 became a recognition of company's achievements as well as the market study of consultancy services in Ukraine, accomplished on EBRD demand.

During 1999-2011 a list of merges and aquisitions was accomplished by our company with high level of consultative support; partnerships were set with leaders in many industries. Among the most meaningful projects of company are the following:

  • Company "Activ Solar" semiconductors plant in Zaporojye establishing;
  • "Dashukovskie Bentonites" JSC strategic development project;
  • "Lugansk Batteries" JSC and "UkrBat" Consortium" CC creation;
  • "ATON Group"  consultative support of the reorganisation project;
  • TM "Lummax" - compact energy saving lamps production establishing;
  • "Ecosipan" JSC strategy development project;
  • "Belocerkovskiy Rubber parts plant" JSC;
  • "Kherson Cotton and Textile Plant" JSC;
  • "UkrRosMetal" JSC strategic development project;
  • "NikolaevCement" JSC.

During realization of most of these projects ICG "Astarta-Tanit" was involved not only as a participant of decisions making process but also executed administrative functions. Specialists of group were members or leaders of the Managing teams in most of the projects.

Besides these projects, the company's portfolio has more than fifty specialized market studies on demand, part of it outgrew into the regularly renewed researches for the wide circle of clients.