Multi-Branches Competence

Investment and Consulting Group "Astarta -Tanit" has a successful 12 years experience in various spheres of economy of Ukraine.

The company is an active participant in the privatization processes in Ukraine, took part in many stock exchange trading operations, commercial and noncommercial competitions held by State Propriety Fund of Ukraine.

In the machine-building industry the company has undertaken projects in the market of the compression and power equipment, chemical power sources, casting powders and molding compounds, synthetic diamonds and diamond tools, industrial and residential boilers.

In the field of metallurgy ICG "Astarta-Tanit" has experience in research in the field of ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy, steel, mining of raw materials and fuel for the needs of different industries and specific logistic demands.

For light industry ICG "Astarta-Tanit" offers its core competency in supply of raw materials in Ukraine, it's processing, production of finished products, the organization channels to promote products, particularly clothing - starting from budjet  segment and ending with expensive products.

In the construction industry ICG "Astarta-Tanit" has extensive experience in research, has a significant information and analytical base.

In the advertising business the company has experience in various marketing research and consulting project ofimplementation in Ukraine of the organization of the publishing business.

In the field of natural resources and water management The Investment Consulting Group "Astarta -Tanit" has extensive experience in conducting market research, and implementing system projects for long-term business consulting support.

In the field of ecology there are more than 200 proposals of  different environmental investment projects implementation at the disposal of ICG, "Astarte-Tanit", some of which have been moved into practice, with the participation of the company.

In particular, the group is a member of the National Project "Clean City" under the auspices of President of Ukraine, a partner in the project management of waste in several regions of Ukraine.

The company is active in the field of alternative eneregy and has experience in consulting support of one of the largest investment projects in the field of solar energy in Ukraine.

The company works closely with government agencies, multinational companies, support service providers and other participants in the investment market.