We have much to be proud of. The list of the Group service users today has more than sixty companies. The Group is a part of ambitious national projects under the auspices of President of Ukraine. With the participation of specialists of the company a number of successful projects were carried out related to foreign direct investments.

In 2010 the group's merits were recognized with the accreditation in the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, conducting market research of consulting services in Ukraine by request of the Bank as well.

During the period from 1999 to 2011 a number of merges and acquisitions with a high level of consulting support were completed, established partnerships with leading manufacturers and leaders from many industries. Among the most significant public projects are the following:

  • Production of polycrystalline silicon at the facilities of JSC "Zaporozhye Plant of Semiconductors» («Activ Solar»);
  • JSC "Bentonite Dashukovskie";
  • JSC "Lugansk accumulators",
  • JSC "Consortium" UkrBAT ";
  • Consulting support project development holding company ATON Group;
  • TM "Lummax" - launching in Ukraine production of compact fluorescent lamps;
  • Development of strategic alternatives for development of LLC "Ekosipan" in the market of sandwich panels for low-rise building;
  • JSC "Plant Belotserkovsky rubber products";
  • OJSC "Kherson Cotton Mill";
  • Consulting support the development project of concern "Ukrrosmetall";
  • JSC "Nikolaevtsement."

During the implementation of most of these projects ICG "Astarta-Tanit" acted not only as a participant in decision-making process, but also completed administrative functions.

The specialists were members of the group leaders or project teams. In addition to these projects, the company has completed more than fifty specialized market research on demand, some of which developed into a regularly updated studies for a wide range of clients.