In the context of a practically every our companys project we carry out Market Researches. Technologies and our experts experience that we use,  let us  understand Market with a maximum precision and forecast its development.    

Results of Market Researches  largely define the Development Strategy of any business and exactly because of it the results are the first and essential step in the chain of actions aimed at successful future creation.  

An initial stage of our cooperation with a Client, during Strategic Market Researches we provide, includes a preparation of a Consulting Offer, in the process of which we carry out (individually for every project):


  • research goals and objectives coordination;
  • coordination of research structure and depth, level of details  as well as a real period of  providing research. 

Instruments and  research methods in most cases include:

  • deep cabinet Researches;
  • field Research;
  • consultations of the  market/segment  experts  and specialists;  
  • internal expert assessments;  
  • data processing by means of up-to-date analytic instruments. 

Information sources that we use during research:

  • official data of  the State Statistics Committee of Ukraine;
  • customs statistics of  The State Customs Service of Ukraine foreign trade actions;
  • information and reference and  analytic data bases (information data about enterprises, bankruptcy data, financial and economic indices of enterprises );
  • analytic bulletins of various information agencies of Ukraine and another countries;
  • expert valuations by sector specialists;
  • surveys and analytic materials of department and field organizations, the largest manufacturers, trading companies that sale products;
  • tech periodicals and press;
  • international exhibitions materials;
  • legislative base of Ukraine.

Duration of works: 1 – 2 months

The cost of Research depends on: research aims, product  character, enterprise market, number of the business sector players (producers and traders) and final consumer. The estimated cost of Market Research: from 3 – 5 thousand dollars to 15 – 20 thousand dollars

 Main researches, provided by ICG Astarta-Tanit:

Food industry

  • Dairy products Market in Ukraine (2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010)

Building industry

  • Market of roofing materials for  sloped roofs (2009)
  • Sandwich-panel Market (2009)
  • SIP-technology at multistorey building Market (2008)
  • Wall Market (2004, 2005, 2006, 2007) , including:
    • Brick Market (silicate, ceramic, face brick)
    • Cell concrete Market
  • Soft roofing materials Market (2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006)
  • Ceramic tile Market (2004, 2005)
  • Linoleum Market (2004)

Advertising, printing and publishing industry

  • Direct-marketing (2005), including:
    • direct-mail Address direct mail Market
    • direct-mail Addressless direct mail Market
  • Retail publishing media Market (2005)
  • Publishing Business Market (2005(
  • Printing production Market (2005)

Raw materials resources

  • Continuous Basalt Fiber Market (2005)
  • Clay materials Market (2003)


  • Consulting Services Market (2010)


  • Distribution systems and retail trading Market (2005)
  • Distance trading Market (2005)

Machine building

  • Market of shipbuilding elements (2009)
  • Heating systems Market (2009)
  • Chemical current sources Market (2002, 2005)
  • Casting powders and molding sands Market (2005)
  • Artificial diamond and diamond tool Market (2002)



  • Iron-ore raw materials, steel and cast iron Market (2005)

Consumer goods industry

  • Textile materials Market (2004), including:
    • Materials Market
    • Knitted cloth Market
    • Non-woven fabric  Market
  • Ready-made clothes Market (2004)

Pulp-and-paper industry

  • Wet napkins Market (2009)
  • Packing board and cardboard wrapper Market in Ukraine (2004)
  • Cardboard Market in Ukraine (2003)

Telecommunications industry

  • Research of Tele-trading Market  in Ukraine (2002)

Other researches

  • Semiconductor material Market (2007)
  • Matches Market (2005)
  • Storage cylinders Market (2005)
  • Compact luminescent lamp Market (2003)